"Katy R."


"My case was tough. Because of my age, the insurance company tried to get me to settle early, and even closed my claim without my permission before I was done treating for my injuries. Sean took the insurance company head on in arbitration. He worked hard on my case and we won! I would recommend him to anyone injured in a car accident."

"Debbie M."

"For many years I was insured through my husband's employer. After he retired, I stayed on his insurance plan, until one day the insurance company attempted to back charge me for two years of treatment, which came to over $30,000. They claimed I was supposed to have enrolled in Medicare Part B based on a small clause buried in the insurance policy! Of course, no one told me about this clause, and the insurance company was not listening to me. They were also preventing me from getting life saving treatment.  Sean diligently worked with both the insurance company and the administrator of my husband's plan to reverse their decision and helped me enroll in Medicare Part B.  Sean saved my family from terrible financial hardship."

"Jason H."

"Sean represented me in a premises liability case where I fell in my apartment due to improper lighting. He was thorough, professional and responsive to me. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who needs an attorney."



"Jenny D."

"Sean helped to represent me in a complex medical malpractice case. He was steady under pressure and worked extremely hard to get a good result for me and my family. I would recommend him to anyone who's suffered a personal injury like mine."

"Chris W."


"A collection company was coming after me for a debt I was struggling to pay. Sean stepped in a got me a reasonable settlement, saving me a lot of time and stress. Sean's work made a big impact on my life and I highly recommend him."